communiTgrow offers the opportunity to constitute project based business and governance for infrastructure and service delivery deployment, but more importantly; for city and municipal governance as well. It integrates across sectors (land and housing management, business, services, etc.) and across different scales (ranging from the neighbourhood, to walkable community, urban village to urban quarter scales). It offers a new way of ordering of civic, commercial and other facilities through a business structure that builds in the social, economic and environmental transitioning requirements to define citymaking for our common futures. Various frameworks, tools and actions have been defined based on current instruments to define the role, purpose and structure of governance across scales, sectors and stages of citymaking.

Governance is one of the six pillars that provide the foundational support of the communiTgrow IP. In this regard, some critical and framing questions need to include; How do we live together as a people, nationstate, village community or indeed as a citizen of the global village? What are the rules, values, principles and norms by which we agree to regulate our socio-cultural and physical environment in order to live a good life on earth and preserve our planet for future survival?

In the narrower context and scope of this book, the more poignant question is; how do we ultimately stimulate and then regulate a particular community that, over the next 20 year period will evolve from a piece of land that has access to water but with zero residents and infrastructure, to an inhabited space that will comprise almost one million residents located in 200 000 housing units, supported by an infrastructure that will boast 200 schools, 20 primary healthcare clinics, 15 Inter-Generational Centres, 200 crèches/day care centres, 8 secondary clinics, 25 sports fields, 8 tertiary facilities, 4 police stations and 4 hospitals? Indeed a brand new city that is about to be created on the outskirts of the City of Cape Town; a new/secondary city called Wescape.

The set of rules and regulations created for this community must not only be premised on sustainability but must enjoy the “buy-in” and “acceptance” of all stakeholders involved in the living, working and playing spaces of this particular community. Without the total support from the emerging community Wescape cannot become a desirable place to live, work and play. In short, the governance framework must be clear, direct, measurable and enforceable, if it is to have any value in an emerging new city.

Online edition & free download of communiTgrow’s book “2 BILLION STRONG” available here.

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