Project Info


Project Approach

The communiTgrow approach is private sector led, radical economic transformational model that is being implemented in Wescape and can be replicated in other urban growth centres across the continent.

The Wescape Project establishes the building blocks of an urban economy, phase by phase, targeting more than 200,000 jobs and providing stimulus of over R200 billion in the construction economy, through development over a 15 – 20 year construction period, followed by on-going maintenance to the entire built environment.

Size & Location

Cape Town is surrounded by valuable farmland, biodiversity corridors and mountainous terrain that are unsuitable for development and thus  has extremely  limited space for growth in the city. The City of Cape Town’s Medium to Long-Term Growth Options Study indicates that there are only two directions in which the city can grow; up the West Coast (Western Growth Corridor) and limited area northwards (Northern Growth Corridor).

Wescape is located in the more suitable Western Growth Corridor, on land identified by the City’s Spatial Development Framework for future urban development, on 3,100 hectares of along the N7 National Highway.

Wescape is the largest single development opportunity in South Africa, and the communiTgrow whole-systems design approach ensures that it is a fully functional, sustainable and regenerative city. Wescape will consist of:

  • 50,000 social housing units
  • 100,000 GAP housing units
  • 50,000 market housing units
  • 800,000 residents
  • 200,000 local jobs created
  • 2 million sqm of lettable commercial space
  • Education facilities (early childhood to tertiary)
  • Health and community facilities
  • Over 600 public open spaces

A Connected City

Whole Systems community development incorporates industry, technology, food security, infrastructure, waste processing, energy reduction and production in a holistic manner that will not only minimize environmental impact from urban growth but regenerate the land and ecosystems that support it. This ecologically friendly and ‘green’ city is designed to be a walkable city, with pedestrian focussed urban design and well-connected public transport, Wescape will include its own custom designed internal transport system, which will link to the City of Cape Town’s Integrated Rapid Transport network.  The M12 highway extension will run through Wescape and create connections to Atlantis 2km to the north and Parklands, Tableview and Blouberg 3km to the south. The MyCiti bus network will have stations and stops on all major Wescape routes connecting to the city center.

A Regenerative City

Wescape design seeks to regenerate the land and resources where it is located to build supportive and reciprocal resource exchanges with the the surrounding land and communities. Wescape is being designed to maximise the re-use of water, utilise solar power and drastically reduce energy consumption through conscious urban design and  the use of the most appropriate and cutting-edge technologies at every scale.  This builds resilience and  translates into water, energy and food security in a thriving and diverse regenerative environment.