Wescape is a communiTgrow development project that will create a significant opportunity to better the lives of people in the Western Cape with a bold initiative that will directly address major developmental challenges. As an integrated and regenerative city, Wescape will create jobs and promote education and well-being within a transport-oriented development that is resource, energy and water efficient.

Some of the biggest challenges facing Cape Town are poverty, a lack of integration, housing shortages and associated overcrowding and informal settlement; and a backlog in health and educational facilities. The City of Cape Town’s population growth rate has been consistently higher than the total South African population growth rate over the past 10 years.  This dramatic increase has resulted in severe development pressure and a significant shortage of infrastructure, basic services and housing opportunities, not only in the affordable and lower income housing market, but also housing for underserved young working people. Wescape offers an opportunity to redress spatial inequality by creating development that caters to all income groups.

Wescape is the largest single development opportunity in South Africa and the communiTgrow whole-systems design approach ensures that it will be a fully functional, sustainable and regenerative city. This presents a paradigm shift in the context of urban development, in South Africa and on the African continent, amidst a current imbalance where unemployment, poverty and increasing cost of living cannot bridge the ever widening gap between self-sufficiency and remaining impoverished. Wescape seeks to change this dynamic, where citizens of the city will enjoy a lifestyle conducive to developing a community environment for the benefit of all.